This is the winning design chosen by Bromley Council following their procurement process.

As the landowner, Bromley Council us responsible for choosing the new playground design. The Friends have been working very closely with the Council and its parks contractor, idverde, over the past 18 months to try and ensure that the new design meets the needs of the community

The three main objectives for the new playground are:

1. Equipment for children of all ages, from 2-12 
2. Equipment for children with mobility issues
3. Open space for free play.

We’re pleased that the winning bid (above) represents a huge improvement on what is in the playground currently. Key features include:

  • more swings (2 x toddler, 2 x flat, 1 x basket swing)
  • a large clamber stack
  • an activity trail, including monkey bars
  • an accessible play house
  • a fort, moat and drawbridge
  • more seating
  • a large space for free play

We know that many people are keen for a zip wire and while this can’t be achieved within the £70,000 budget, the Council has agreed to leave space for it in the design so that if we raise the money subsequently, we’ll be able to install it.

There will of course always be other pieces of equipment and activities that people would like to see included, and there’s no reason why further changes can’t be incorporated in a second phase once this project is complete. If there are other things that you’d like to se, please do join the Committee to help us make them happen.