Towards the end of 2017, a group of local mums were having a bit of a moan about Kings Meadow park. The nearest playground for all of us, and the only one within easy walking distance, it’s one that we use quite regularly, but all of the equipment looked tired and there was little to do for school-age children. We decided that there were three options available to us:

  1. Put up and shut up
  2. Stop using the park
  3. Get off our bums and see what we could do to make it better, not just for our kids, but for the whole community.

We chose option 3!

After three years of fundraising, our new improved playground finally opened in February 2021 and it’s a huge success. We’re so grateful to all of the local businesses and individuals that worked so hard to make it happen.

But though our initial focus was on improving the playground, we soon realised that the park needed more than just new equipment to make it into a thriving community hub. So we also started making other small additions and improvements, and running free and low cost events for everyone to enjoy.

Our small but mighty team has evolved over the years, and we’re always looking for new people to join and help make our park the thriving local community hub we know it can be! If you would like to get involved, please send us a message and we can add you to our WhatsApp group and you can get involved as little or as much as you like. Many hands make light work!